Oman Flour Mills is looking towards bringing innovation into the company’s strategy. As an established company, a good innovation is an important strategic priority in order to secure competitive advantage in the market. The innovation strategy and goals will align with business goals, unify vision and common goals and find the correct and feasible ways of operating and implementing the strategy in order to achieve a long-term success. Innovation will be a contribution to Oman Flour Mill’s bigger plan that will aim to provide cost effective solutions and intelligent processes that will help ease operations and be ahead of the market Innovation is crucial to the success of our future.
Being an innovative organization can make the difference between developing and disrupting the market or going down. Therefore, adjusting our way of working will solidify and keep our business operations running smoothly and consistently. The goal is to not only keep the company operating but to allow it to exceed what it’s already doing by disrupting the market with new ideas, services, and reaching the end user in new ways.
Customer demands change as the market changes and therefore by analyzing the market trend change in customer demands can be driven by our innovations. There’s worldwide proof that innovation contributes to faster sales growth, it inspires customers and it’s a driver for the economy. It is also critical for the success of the company and keeping up with market trends locally and internationally.

Our ERP system

Our Oman Flour Mills Information Technology have to jumpstart themselves into an innovation-driven economy at an accelerated pace in the knowledge-driven globalized world of the 21st century. It is imperative for Oman Flour Mills to bridge the existing gap and to improve its overall Innovation Enterprise resourcing planning with leading to commercialization. This calls for a joint effort from both employee’s efforts as well as the systems, which can be achieved through a framework in partnership mode. Such an institutional mechanism can bridge the gaps in the innovation system directly impeding the development and growth of the Omani food productions and anchor the nation’s food productions movement.”
Information Technology sector needed to look beyond revenue numbers and use technology in empowering the human resources of Oman flour mills businesses for a better productivity. The current Oman Flour Mills ERP system is efficient tool to manage and control process of Oman flour mills that can be set to solve many problems may by facing the needs that fulfill by this software:

  • One source of truth as one master system of record for all important company data.
  • Automating manual processes, such as invoice creation, routine communications, financial report generation, product and service delivery and material requirements planning.
  • Better visibility into all aspects of the supply chain, increased efficiencies, and improved productivity.
  • Improve business Information security, either stored on premise or in the clouds.

For a better future, here in Oman Flour Mills our IT department are obligated to deliver the latest, effective proven technologies in the field. By implementing the best business practices system solutions and providing an ERP specialist to increase and enhance our employee’s strength in this area. We are planning to have a full technology road map 2021 with ready IT infrastructure to be able to have the latest High Technology by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial intelligence (AI).