Giving back to the society

  • Supporting Charities, and National Committee for the Disabled: Providing Prosthetic devices for the disabled and supporting the charities.
  • Providing healthy school meals for chaste family children: The team provided health school meals for 2 months before covid-19 occurs.
  • Other CSR activities: A great support was provided from the team to several other activities.
  • Increase in storage capacity (46000 MT) for grains to aid in strategic procurement
  • Establishing parks and gardens in the hospitals and health centers in several cities in Oman: The team prepared 4 parks designs with different dimensions and layout, also choosing the appropriate playground toys and rides to match the requirements of the park. This project will benefit both the hospitals and also the other places. - Dimma wa Taayeen hospital park where the company moved the cables in order to build up the park
  • OFM Relief fund (Leajlekom): This is for helping the chaste families by providing special flour products during Ramadan month and natural disasters. Leajlekom is a charity campaign that OFM employees are responsible for distributing flour products boxes in some of the cities in Oman during Ramadan month and natural disasters. An amount was used also for covid-19 expenses