Corn Starch and Liquid Glucose


Facility Oman Flour Mills currently processes about 12,000 MT / Month of yellow corn. The company would like to leverage its expertise in handling corn and get into wet milling. The end product of native starch is used in multiple food and industrial applications. This can be further processed into value added derivatives like Glucose. The company is currently conducting a feasibility for the project

Catering and Sandwich Division


To better capitalize on the bakery segment, Atyab Food industries shall make investments into the catering segment. The company aims to target the B2B segments for catering contracts and B2C segments for sandwiches.

Frozen Bakery Products


Atyab Food Industries plans to work closely with Dawn foods and increase its presence in the frozen bakery segment. In addition the company will look into venturing into frozen ready to eat products.

Health Strategy

The Company would like to venture into healthy products. The company is planning to install a health bar manufacturing facility. Currently the health bar market is growing at a CAGR of 6.7% in Oman. There is no large scale local manufacturing in the GCC. In addition the company plans to introduce puffed breakfast cereals and gradually flaked breakfast cereals into the market. The company is also looking to adopt the latest food products and innovations in the healthy segment.

Growth Strategy

Oman Flour Mills and Atyab Food Industries will introduce many SKUs with a better value proposition. Atyab Food Industries shall also look into expanding its presence in the UAE for frozen products. Atyab Foodtech will look to boost its training division through their Atyab Academy initiative. Atyab Foodtech is also looking to have its presence in the CIS region by setting up an office in Uzbekistan Mini Factories OFM plans to set up an integrated facility for manufacturing of various food products. These factories will be set up with an investment of less than OMR 1 Million. A small factory set-up is ideal for a relatively small market of Oman, this set up minimizes the risks and has greater flexibility. In the next 2-3 years the company plans to commission 5-6 such mini factories.

Expansion of existing business

Management recognized that the Company has to diversify its operations into related fields to increase profitability. Keeping this in mind, the Company launched Atyab Investments LLC and the following projects and expansion were implemented. These projects will replace imports, contributing to GDP and enhancing food security. Atyab Bakery LLC commenced production in July 2012 and the products are available in the local market. In the last eight years, we have increased our sales significantly and are operating at almost full capacity in some production lines. In the last two years we have increased our capacity of the sliced bread, and Arabic bread line. 1. Flour mill in Sohar (Sohar Flour Mill). Sohar Flour Mill commenced production in first quarter of 2019

New Business ventures

New business ventures being considered are: 1. Construction of the silos for strategic food reserve. This project is under execution. 2. Gulf International Poultry Farm. An equal joint venture with IFFCO (UAE based company) and Gulf Japan Food Fund (Oman-Japan venture), an integrated egg farm with capacity to produce 2,500 cartons per day 3. The Parent Company has acquired 24.55% sale in Oman Fishers Company SAOG along the year 2020. This is strategic Investment of the Parent Company as part of their future business plan.

Improving operational efficiency

To improve margins, it is essential to improve efficiency. The suggestions of flour and feed consultants are being implemented and with this we are confident efficiency will be enhanced. Capitalizing on the methodologies of Lean Management, OFM launched “Hasad” project which aims at the elimination of wastes resulting in improving the internal process.

Marketing opportunities

In the local market, our flour and feed sales have increased over previous year and we expect to continue to increase/maintain our market share. New export markets are being considered as traditional markets are saturated.