OFM Relief Fund:

The “For You” campaign aims to support individuals and families in need by providing them with flour products, particularly during the month of Ramadan and natural disasters. The charitable campaign, called “for you” is organized by the employees of the Mills who distribute boxes containing flour products in various areas, in collaboration with over 75 charitable organizations. During the campaign, approximately 80,000 families were provided with supplies for Ramadan, and a total of OMR 95,000 was spent on this initiative.

Supporting the programs of Charities and the National Committee for the Disabled Care:

We collaborate with charitable organizations and the National Committee for the Disabled Care to review their programs and identify the appropriate programs to support. As part of our efforts, we purchased and distributed approximately 300 prosthetic devices to disabled individuals in Ibri, Muscat, and Sohar, as well as charitable organizations. The total cost of this initiative was around OMR 32,699

Maintaining a clean and hygienic school environment is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of students and visitors alike. Studies have shown that the overall school environment can significantly impact students’ academic achievements, making it even more important to prioritize cleanliness. To support the development of a healthy school environment, we can take a variety of actions, such as ensuring proper waste disposal, regularly cleaning classrooms and common areas, and promoting good hygiene practices among students and staff. By prioritizing cleanliness and hygiene, we can create a positive learning environment that supports the health and academic success of all students. Supporting government schools in their efforts to improve and provide a healthy and safe environment for students and teachers is essential. Through a recent initiative, we were able to beautify five schools by sheltering and grassing their outer courtyards. The total cost of this initiative was approximately OMR 13,942. By investing in the development and improvement of schools, we can ensure that students and teachers have access to a conducive learning environment that promotes their well-being and academic success

Contribution and support in the development of playgrounds:

Supporting the development, improvement, and provision of a healthy and safe environment for sports fans is crucial. In a recent initiative, we modified and beautified five sports playgrounds by carrying out maintenance and grassing, as well as building toilets. The total cost of this initiative was approximately OMR 9,690. By investing in sports facilities, we can promote healthy lifestyles and provide safe spaces for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their activities. This can have a positive impact on the overall well-being of the community and help to foster a culture of physical activity and sportsmanship.

The health sector is considered an important component of sustainable development and the pillar of healthy societies:

We supported some activities that have been established in health centers in Muscat, and the total amount for this initiative was about OMR 1500.

The Holy Qur’an has emphasized the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, considering it a religious duty for Muslims. God Almighty has commanded us to treat the environment as a public property, which must be preserved along with its components, wealth, and resources

In the environment sector, we have taken action by establishing a garden spanning an area of approximately 300 square meters at the courtyard of the Dima wa Taayeen State Hospital. This project serves a large segment of society in the region, providing them with a green and tranquil space to enjoy. The total cost of this initiative was approximately OMR 20,000. By investing in the environment and promoting its preservation, we can foster a culture of sustainability and protect the planet for future generations.